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Taxation Services

Our tax services include:

  • Solving day-to-day tax matters that include replying to various tax notices and providing necessary support on regular tax matters.
  • Management of tax records and reports. 
  • Tax compliance that includes advance Income tax and Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) calculations and deposits, TDS compliance and filing of returns.
  • Compilation of tax details for audit and support to the auditors.
  • Providing all important information to statutory auditors or management auditors in relation to tax matters.
  • Support in the compilation of Transfer pricing documentation and certification.
  • Guidance in the compilation of Corporate tax returns such as Income tax, wealth tax and FBT, and also its e-Filing with the revenue department.
  • Support in the areas of PAN, TAN and online tax credits view also.
  • Tax reporting on defined frequencies such as monthly, quarterly, annually to Parent Company according to their formats.
  • Compilation of Various details for Tax Assessment purposes such as Scrutiny and Appellate level for Income tax and Transfer pricing.

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